Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Olympia's Last Day as a Newborn (Video)

Tomorrow, Ollie is a Newborn no more!
She will be an infant officially!
Time flies.
Tomorrow, March 5, Ollie is 3 month old!
It was a hot afternoon.
She fussed because of the heat.

We turn on the water to fill up the pool.
Her eyes lit up!
She knew she was going to swim!
After numerous sessions,
she is able to stay in the pool for a long duration.
She is also able to kick more.
Can't wait to bring our true blue
The Water Family's baby to the big pool.

After the swim and her feed, 
she is now fast asleep! 
Hehe. Yes, I added on another holey top
to her already quite large collection 
of holey tops and bottoms. 

Time flies (too fast). 
These three months have been great. 
I know more is to come once she start crawling. 
I'm enjoying every moment with her. 
Be it her good times or her cranky times,
that's just her. 
It's tiring. 
I'm sleepy often. 
Well,  but falling asleep beside my big and small
(well, not that small)  babies is a blessing. 
Looking at the photos of my family too, 
is a blessing. 
Feeling extremely Blessed for what I have. 
Thankful for the support of my family too. 

Olympia 💖

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