Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ollie's 4th Month Celebration & Anti-drooling Ceremony

Food theme socks for the celebration. 

Time flies! 

Way too fast. 
In between shuttling to visit mummy and making sure that Ollie's babyhood is meaningful, we managed to fit in time for her 4th month celebration. 
This is non-religious. 
Simply some Chinese traditions.
No worries, she didn't consume them. 
She'll have her solids when she is 6 months old. 
The licking of the chicken drumstick sort of signifies that she'll eat well next time. 
The spring onions (葱) has the same sound as clever (聪明) and we hope she will grow up (street) smart and wise. 
The marie biscuits is sort of the anti-drooling belief. 

(Thanks to Cupcakelicious for the cookies!)

Wipe away her saliva and don't drool excessively. (搽搽掉) In Hokkien, Qik Qik Diao. 
Overall, it was good fun and in the hope of general wellness for Ollie. 

Happy 4th Month, Olympia! 
Mummy & Papa love you!

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