Friday, May 22, 2015

Book of The Week

Being a bookworm (book lover sounds nicer?) myself, I told Laogong that I want to build a library of books for Ollie.
Well, my area of expertise anyway. 
With so much time being spent entertaining Ollie, I cannot be playing with her all the time.
I also do not want to read the same book again and again. 
I think this week, I bought twenty over books. Or was it thirty? 

Title: The Wishing Stone 
Author: Steve Smallman
Illustrator: Rebecca Elliot
Value: Kindness

The colourful illustrations also attracted Ollie. 
She tried to touch the pages. 
I also like the last page of the book. 
The Notes for Parents & Teachers will come in useful when Ollie is older and we can have a discussion!

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