Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marvellous Monday



Yesterday, we had a wonderful day (as usual)!

The unusual thing was, Laogong and I both woke up slightly before 6am.
Decided to let Ollie sleep awhile more,
so we made coffee and chatted.

They went for a walk in the woods.
I waited.
I'm such a mozzie magnet, I decided not to risk it.
Also, I didn't want to slow them down!
Haha, excuses!

After the walk, we went to the playground.

And of course, a swim!
Ollie swam for a good whole 45 minutes!
We then had breakfast with Patrick.
Slacked the whole day and headed to Grand Mecure Roxy for dinner
Thanks Jo & Ron for the arrangement!

Thankful and blessed for everything we have :)

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