Saturday, August 8, 2015

TGIF at Baby Fair - 8 August 2015

Papa and Mama took me to the baby fair at Persada.
They told me that the last time whey went to the same fair,
I was still in Mama's womb.
This time round, we were sourcing for a new car seat
and also, to stock up on diapers.

Papa and Mama were hungry after spending so much money on me.
They went to Hai Kee to have their once favourite crayfish.

We then drove back home and wow!
Cows grazing along the way home!
Papa and Mama were used to this scene but
I was so excited!
My first time!

Feeling very full from the dinner, Papa and Mama decided to
take Charcoal Kor Kor and I to the lake for a walk.
I mean, they walk.

Mama says that our neighbour's rabbits are always roaming around.

It was a great day!
Happy day!

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