Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ollie's Second Road Trip

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Papa had to go KL for two lessons, so, he decided to take us along!
Yay! Another road trip!
After breakfast, we got change and headed out.
After Papa's lesson, we went to meet Kakak Myra and Nenek Rosni for lunch.
We had lunch at Little Penang in KLCC.
Mama said that it was absolutely delicious!
With a full tummy, Mama and Papa shopped a bit before 
we went to view some properties.
Those apartments were huge! 
We can have parties everyday!
I can have so much space to play!
Before the skies turn dark, Papa said that we should 
head up to Genting.
We must rest early for the photoshoot the next day!
I pretty much like the fountain and so
Mama made Papa and me pose for a photo.

On the morning of the photoshoot, 
Papa and Mama had donuts.
They did not give me any.
While I was resting in the car seat,
I turned my head and saw my vain Mama
took a selfie!
Look a those eyebags.
Well, but Mama, I'm sure it's all worth it for me right! 

While waiting for the photographer, Ying Jie Jie (YJJ), 
Mama will never waste any time.
Our own photoshoot. 

YJJ finally arrived and we started our shoot.
More photos to be shared in the next post. 
After a long sever hours, we completed the shoot 
and got back all the photos, we were very hungry!
We headed back to the hotel for dinner!
I'm so loving the cool weather in Genting!
Here is one teaser for all of you!
On the third day of the road trip,
we drove to Batu Caves! 
I woke up feeling very happy!
I love being in cool and cold places! 

It was a long flight of steps!
Papa did it!
He had me in the carrier and he carried Mama's backpack.
Good job, Papa!
You are truly our Ironman! 

Conquering Batu Caves,
I was tired and decided to take a nap
while Papa drove us back.
Love the new Eeyore Kakak Myra and Nenek Rosni gave me.
Thank you.

Much as I love being in cold places,
I miss home!
I love MY big bed!
Home Sweet Home!

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