Saturday, September 26, 2015


That's the sound that woke Mama up this morning. 
We were back in our Sg home. 
I really wasn't sleepy. 
Mama was sleeping and I decided to venture down the (high) bed. 
Back in our Msia home, Papa and Mama have taught me to get down, legs first. 
Here, I haven't had much chance to practise and... 
Before I knew it, I landed on the floor, on my forehead with a loud thud. 
It was extremely painful. 
I wailed out loud. 
I screamed. 
Mama got a shock. 
Ah mah got a shock. 
Don't worry. 
I'm fine. 
Ah mah boiled an egg and rubbed it on my forehead. 
Mama is steady also. 
Calm and steady.
She pacified me and I was laughing and playing after 5 minutes. 
Papa came home during his lunch break to Sayang me. 
Anyway, I'm alright! 
Babies grow up with bumps here and there. 
I'll grow even strong and even sturdier! 

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