Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ollie's Personal Indoor Playground

I am Xiaoxin. Ollie's Mama. 

Dear Ollie, 
It's 0044 as I'm typing this. 
You should be awake around 0900?
We hope you like your surprise! 
We're slowly by surely building your personal indoor playground. 
Initially, we wanted it to be at level 2's living area, but we find it a bit too constraint. 
Papa decided to give you the entire living room at level 1 then. 
(Dear friends, coffee sessions, chill out sessions will now be at level 2. Adults have no place at level 1's living room anymore.) 
Now that the slide and swing are up, we'll fix up your ball pool soon. 
Mama wanted these outside the house actually, but considering dust and the current haze situation, well, you shall have it, the living room!

Love, Us! 

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