Saturday, November 14, 2015

3 Weeks to Dec 5

I am Xiaoxin. 
Ollie's Mama. 

Hello my dear baby, you'll be one really really soon. 
Didn't we just find out about you? 
Didn't we just made an appointment to see the gynae? 
Didn't we just feel your first kick? 
So many 'Didn't we?', and here you're sleeping soundly beside me. 
One rare night that you're sound asleep by 2230h when we're back in Sg. 
Everyone else slept early. 
Mama had a good time chatting with Auntie G, J &  S. 
All the other aunties must be rather irritated at 
us for wasting their data plan. Haha. 
With everyone asleep, I'm sort of relinquishing
 the wee hours me time that I used to have all the time... 
Now, you are definitely the main priority. 
Like just now, when Papa came to fetch Mama home, 
we were thinking if we should head down to Mustafa 
for some random date / shopping. 
Without much thoughts, we abandoned the idea readily. 
We wanted to spend time with you instead. 
Thankfully, we get to spend a lot of time with you. 
Really almost all the time... 
Blessed child you are, just like how blessed we're too. 
So, even if you don't smile for Mama, haha, 
you're still Mama and Papa's most beautiful child! 

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