Monday, November 23, 2015


As I sat on Papa's bed with Ollie today, looking at Mummy's photographs on the wall, I got really emotional. 
What it would have been like to have her still with us? 
We were looking through some of Mummy's stuff today, a lot of certificates. 
Mummy had been in the beauty circle for a good whole 3 decades. 
It was a lot of certificates that we looked through together. 
Mummy left her legacy behind. 
She had a few hundreds of customers. 
She was proud of her career and we are all proud of her achievement. 
I'm glad Mummy met Ollie, though a mere 5 months.
I'm sure Ollie felt the presence of her then. 
Spent a few days out with Ollie this week. 
I feel that she has grown up so much. 
Also, too fast. 
Got me all emotional too,  thinking about how fast she is growing up. 
Wait for Mama, Ollie. 
Fun week I had with Ollie, but at the same time, overwhelming emotions. 

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