Thursday, November 5, 2015

Souper Papa Jerry: Edition 莲藕汤

I am Xiaoxin.
Jerry's Laopo.
Ollie's Mama.

We have been going to Souper Tang (汤师傅) 
for Leng Ngau Tong (莲藕汤).
And for our small family of three, 
(effectively, only we drink the soup, not Ollie)
we always order the large portion.
Then again, there is only one for size for LNT.
If I remember correctly, it should be priced at RM45.90.
Very reasonable price for the portion.
However, Laogong decided that he wants to boil it for us.
And he really impressed me!
So much so that after yesterday's soup,
I told him to boil it again today.
Absolutely yummy!

He used:
Pork Ribs
Lotus Root
Dried Scallops
Dried Cuttlefish

(no salt added because Ollie takes the soup too)
(then again, the dried cuttlefish is salty!)

I think we're getting pretty domesticated!

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