Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Winning Recipe of the Day

Mama doesn't usually wake
up earlier than I do. 
I'm always the one making noise w
ith my toys to wake up her. 
She has to find ways to make quick
(3 minutes preparation, 15 minutes cooking) breakfast for me. 
Porridge is definitely out. 
Today she tried another version
of steamed egg and I love it! 
She used:

1 egg 
1/2 roll of egg tofu 
Random amount of carrot 
(not too much please) 
Some salmon 
(more more, I like!) 
100ml of water
Pinch of silver fish powder

She mixed them all up and steamed
 for about 15 minutes. 

It was yummy! I love, love, love it! 
The portion was still too much though so Charcoal kor kor had some of my leftover. Hehe. 

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