Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thailand Day 1

Absolutely love the place Laogong booked. 
Owned by two teachers, very nice people. 
We're even thinking of coming back again and maybe going to the schools with the owners. 
It's right in the middle of the kampong.
No (loud and you-know-who) tourists. 
No busy roads. 
No 7-Eleven in sight.
Really a good ol' Thai kampong. 
Winter in Chiangmai is late. 
Not cold at all. 
(Ok, it was rather cold in the morning though, but that's it...) 
We found a nice place for lunch. 
Decided to have dinner there. 
Most of the food places here are operated at home by the owners. 
Ollie is happy. 
Playing and laughing all the time. 

Mummy passed on. 
Ollie is One. 
We've been married for four years (soon). 
Realisation sets in. 
We don't know what lies ahead but we can make sure we move ahead happily. 
As I spend more time being happy, I realise I get even happier, I spend less time being angry, upset or worrying about small things and I get even happier. 
Such a wonderful  circle of life. 

Life, thank you for everything. 

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