Friday, December 4, 2015

Baby To Toddler

Dear Ollie,
Today, 4 December 2015, is your 365th day of babyhood.
Tomorrow, 5 December 2015, is your 1st birthday.
Congratulations, you are going to be a toddler!
Great job on being a fantastic baby, the best one in our eyes.
I remember your first kick on my birthday last year.
And the rest were history.
You kicked me with such vigour every day since
 then and we were absolutely thankful to receive those flying kicks daily
The first year of your life is especially memorable with countless firsts.
We are totally glad to be able to witness all of those firsts.
You surprise us with something every day and we love everything about you.
Looking forward to every single moment with you.
Life is great. Again, no better way to end the blog entry but, 
Thank You For Choosing Us As Your Parents.
(I always think of 外婆 when I blog about you. 
It seems like she has sent you to keep Mama in check. 
To make sure Mama continues to be a good girl, 
a good person and a mother as good as she is.)

Lots Love,

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