Saturday, December 12, 2015

Date with Ollie

Finally I'm better to head out to MBS and to grab
 some stuff before the markdown is over.
Ollie totally enjoyed herself in the store,
what's new.

Headed over to ArtScience Museum for the
Hermes Exhibition and I'm surprised
that Ollie actually enjoyed herself, 
posing for photos and looking at stuff.

Went back into MBS to continue shopping.
Took some pictures of Ollie and the Xmas decor.

She fell asleep the moment we were done with her shopping!
I'm thankful for the me time, though I actually wanted
to go for tea with her and give her some tea time snacks.

After my me-time, she woke up and we headed over
to Gardens By The Bay with the intention to meet
up with Laogong and Scarlett and all...
Ollie was enjoying the stroll in her stroller,
snacking from her snacks tingkat (she finished all 
3 tiers of snacks) and drinking from her bottle.
(see, her hand still trying to retrieve one puff 
while she was posing)

It was so crowded!!!
I made it to GBB but the others didn't because
there was no parking lot.
It was our third failed attempt to see
the Xmas lightings at GBB.
Oh well....

Last minute plan to head over to Marina Square for dinner.

And desserts!

Great date as usual!
Happy Weekend!

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