Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thailand Day 11 to 14

We visited JJ Market for the last time and decided that we're done. Gonna quit JJ... Enough of the heat and the crowd. Haha.
Good days we had, sleeping in everyday. Some days, we woke up for breakfast and then went back to bed and continue sleeping. Best! Some days, we woke up to eat, shop and then head back to nap... Then up to eat and shop again. Wonderful! We bought a new luggage today, bought too much of Ollie's toys. We also made merit at Wat Arun. Wat Arun and Erawan Shrine are the two places we always make sure we go to make merit. Reported to Central World for the last time today. Played everything. Ate at MK and said bye bye to our favorite waitresses. 

We're going home! 

(Haha, kind of emo. After spending 24/7 family time, I'm starting to miss it already! Seeing how Ollie is growing up everyday, I also feel emo about it. Growing up too fast!)

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