Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fun-filled Fabulous Friday

We were in Takashimaya early at 10am because Laogong had some Russian students at Shangri-la who requested for 11am lessons. Laogong shopped with us for 40 minutes and he loaded the car with some shopping loots while Ollie and I continued on. Haha. 

He came back to fetch us for lunch and we decided to go over to Ikea because we needed to grab some stuff there. I also miss the wings! Ollie had a bit of play time there too. 

After lunch and shopping, we headed back to Ion for my PEFXo monthly dinner. It would have been even better if Pn joined us. Till Feb then! Great dinner we had at TCC. Yumz. Of cos, company always matters! S texted and told me that she's at Ion. Such coincidence! Of course we've to let the two BFFs meet! After dinner with PEFXo, Ollie and I went to find them. 

Perfect day. Ollie had her nap twice in the stroller. I'm loving my lightweight but sturdy and easily folded stroller. And the cab driver helped me yesterday! Almost 12h out with Ollie, and we're all happy! Yay! 

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