Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ollie is 13 Months Young!

Time flies. 
Ollie is 13 Months Young! 
And next month this time, we'll be in Paris! 
Can't wait! 
The weather is quite cold there, 
I hope she will like it! 
Baked bread for breakfast this morning. 
Slacked at home after breakfast and Ollie played quite a bit before taking her usual nap. 
Woke up at noon and we headed out for lunch. 
See how lovey dovey the father and daughter are! Haha. 
(Disclaimer: It's pure watermelon juice. No additional sugar. She didn't drink the whole glass. She just had a sip.)
The scorching hot afternoon is making us very sleepy! 
After lunch was more play before Ollie started making her way upstairs. 
Nowadays, that is how she tells us that she wants to nap -  she will slowly climb up the stairs. 
(Disclaimer: We're always behind her.)
And so now... I've successfully latched her to sleep...
Should I also nap or start to prepare for dinner? 

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