Saturday, January 23, 2016

TGIF with Ollie

Ollie is back in action! 
It was raining this afternoon and I decided to drive to town with Ollie (instead of having Laogong send us there and I take a cab back). 
Rainy days do not go well with cab booking / taking. 
Had high tea with Cyn & Mermaid at Mandarin Gallery's Antoinette then dinner with Devilz (missing Belle) at Sushi Tei. 
Of course, I've to take Ollie shopping (she is always in a good mood when I say, "Let's go shopping.")
Thanks to Cayla for playing with and taking care of Ollie. 
Good Jiejie! 
Didn't manage selfies with the gals today! 
Next round soon! 

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