Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ollie's Travelogue 2015

With Ollie holding a Singapore Citizenship, her first overseas experience should be considered in Jan 2015. On the first day of 2015, she came back to our Malaysia home. That was her very first trip out of Singapore, not on the plane though. The travelling to and fro is no big deal for her since then.

March 2015
Thailand - Bangkok
It was Ollie's first flight! She was almost four months, but not yet. I cannot quite believe that I can't find a post about the trip. Why didn't I blog?

May 2015
Thailand - Bangkok
Yes, her second flight was to Bangkok again. Friends will know that we are usually in Thailand for a total of about 1 - 1.5 months in a year. It's like our third home. Planned for this trip because Laogong had to attend a swim conference in Bangkok. In fact, I took the flight to Bangkok with Ollie on my own. This trip was also shorten because of Mummy's passing.

June 2015
Malaysia - Genting
We took a drive up to Genting. Ollie's first road trip. Called Papa along and he joined us for this short trip. Ollie is a warrior. Hehe, she is almost a seasoned traveler already.

July 2015
Malaysia - Genting
We decided to head back to Genting, this time round, with a photoshoot for Ollie in mind. And yes, we bought a lot of photos!

August 2015
Malaysia - Melaka
This was supposed to be a surprise birthday trip for me. As you can see, Ollie enjoyed herself immensely and she sure played a lot!

August / September 2015
Malaysia - Penang
Three families took our first trip together. Ollie's first time to Penang, and with Jess Jess and Scarlett! We had loads of fun (and char kway tiao - every meal!). We couldn't go to Bangkok because of the bombing incident. 

Malaysia - Desaru
This was another road trip. Zoo? Too mainstream. The ostrich farm is more fun! The focus of the day however, was at the fruit farm instead.

October 2015
Thailand - Bangkok
This trip was to replace the one we didn't manage to go with our friends. We made a trip on our own and well, what else but making merit, eating and shopping. By this trip, Ollie is almost a Thai already! Haha.

November 2015
Malaysia - Batu Pahat
We had wanted to visit JY and J but both 老板s were not free! We went shopping instead!

November 2015
Malaysia - Johor Bahru
Ollie's first time with the swim team!

December 2015
Thailand - Chiang Mai
We spent eight days in Chiang Mai. Had many first experiences. Did some voluntary work too.

December 2015
Thailand - Bangkok
We then spent seven days in Bangkok. Make merit. Slack. Eat. Shop. Play. Party. Catch up with friends. Concluded the year, no wait, we didn't, we went home on the 30th. 

Ollie's travelogue 2015 concluded in Thailand. We want to bring her around the world to experience the different cultures and experience the different lives. We also want her to know that what we have must not be taken for granted. She must see for herself, life is totally not the same outside her circle. She must also learn and experience giving back to the society - something we believe in strongly.

Dear Mummy, thank you for giving Boy and me the best in life, together with Papa. You are the best mother and I want to be the best for Ollie too.

Dear Ollie, I know we spoil you but yes, we will continue doing so. You deserve the best but always always remember, do your best, be positive, be kind, be street-smart and return to the society. Be thankful.

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