Thursday, March 17, 2016

Road Trip to KL - Genting

It was a much needed respite from the heat 
to drive on to Genting after Laogong's lessons in KL. 
It was totally panas-maximus in SG and JB.
Genting was so cooling!
The usual road trip but with Papa joining us this time round.
In KL, we also met Maira and family for lunch.
It was a joy to be at their lovely house!
They were very hospitable too!
The entire time, Ollie and I were eating and eating (or sleeping).
She had a good time with all the very economical rides too!
Past few times, she didn't mange to meet the minium
height requirement.
I hope she will have fun in HK DisneyLand end of the month.
Ollie is very much a seasoned traveller in her car seat
and I am very happy!
We can go everywhere again!

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