Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Emotional Corn Soup

Ok, I think the title is kind of corny and doesn't seem to match the cover picture. Here is more about the corny title. It's about getting emotional while cooking today (or rather recently).

See how much my Ollie has grown! My forever baby is not such a baby anymore. We came home from the market and left her alone to play. Laogong was fixing up some stuff and I was cooking in the kitchen. Ollie was playing in the living room, coming to the kitchen occasionally to see what I'm doing. I guess the indoor-playground-living-room setup helps. She is kept very much occupied usually when we're cooking. One year ago, I still remember how difficult it was for me to cook. Have to rush to cook and wash within her 1h-2h nap. Or even have to put her in the carrier while I cook. Then maybe 6 months back, she would be demanding all attention on her while she plays. These behs grow up so quickly. 

Seeing how well Ollie can follow our instructions also added on the emotions. Haha. I know, I'm such a mama drama. When I ask her to do something or to get something, she can do it! I'm like! Wow! My baby's vocabulary is good. Haha. She doesn't speak much and I don't care (yet). No worries. She can take her own sweet time. I don't flash cards or anything much but I do read to her because she does enjoy it. I just introduce words to her in our daily conversation. I think my way of homeschooling is simply, at her own pace with the most fun.
 Grow, Ollie, grow.
Play, Ollie, play. 
Let's have fun, lots of fun as you grow.  

Now, with such a corny title, I do have to show my soup today right. My little soupie's favourite soup of the moment! 

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