Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Follow-Papa-To-Work-Day + Some Things About Homeschooling Ollie

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Blessed we are to have such a flexible lifestyle and schedule.
We can dedicate a large proportion of time to Ollie.
With Ollie's BFF starting school this week, and before
we reschedule our weekly BFFs play day, 
Ollie followed Papa to work today.
Two sessions of one-to-one swim lessons and 
two sessions of group swim lessons.
Just like last time, when I tagged along, I always
enjoy a good chat with the parents and nowadays, 
Ollie sometimes play with the younger siblings 
who are not swimming.
In between lessons, we had time to visit Gardens 
by the Bay, had lunch and napped at Bedok.
Very fun-filled day. 

Last two lessons were back at one of our SG condos,
and I wasn't prepared for Ollie to have some 
water play. I was expecting her to play at the 
playground but well, our water baby always chooses
the pool over the playground.

With so much time spent with Ollie today, and 
having time 24/7 to witness her growth and life,
I thought even more about her kind of education.
Have been reading up (even before delivering
Ollie) on homeschooling and actually, majority of people
who know us know we will be homeschooling Ollie.
I'm not going to share this reading or that research 
here but well, just generally, more of how I handle 
and will handle people's reaction.
I'm usually more qualified academically than people 
who asked about our decision.
I've usually read more than people who asked, 
especially on the socialisation aspect.
Well, just like my previous sharing on FB about our 
Ollie Only decision, I will just briefly say something.
(Sometimes, have to say such things to make myself clear,
not that I am angry, but well, just to put things across!)
 Going to a school doesn't make one child more friendly or 
sociable than Ollie. Going to a school doesn't make
one child better academically  than Ollie. A child
may not be wealthier than her because of a better 
PSLE / O'Levels / A'Levels / etc qualification. A child
going to school may not be a more kind-hearted 
or street smart person than Ollie.
Well, no judging and no comparing.
All parents want the best for their child.
And, hey, I'm the mother he's the father, 
we make the call!
We simply want Ollie to be happy.
And well, the vision for homeschooling Ollie is 
that she will grow up happy and kind and street smart.
The mission for now: PLAY.

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