Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrific (definitely not terrible) Two!

Laogong was supposed to have a super early lesson but the rain came. No worries! Off we went to play, play and play! Ollie had a good time at Polliwogs, then lunch and then shopping. Well, then, more play! 

Ollie is still pretty much learning and we have reminded each other that we must not label her as being in the stage of terrible two. Even when we don't understand what she is doing, we learn from her and try to interpret her actions. It is very easy for us to say, "Hiya, terrible two. Must be terrible two." I guess we just have to be more patient and just enjoy not understanding Ollie at times! Time flies. Looking at how fast Ollie is growing, I always tell myself, "Enjoy every moment with her. Smell her. Sleep beside her. Spend as much as time possible with her." 

Terrible two? 
What terrible two? 
It's such a great transition from Onederful One to the coming Terrific Two! 

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