Friday, July 8, 2016

Busy Day (with the company of Ollie)

Had to choose this as the cover photo for this blog entry. Totally love how much love the two gals have for each other despite the occasional petite snatching or rough playing. 

It was a very busy day. And having learnt a lesson from Wednesday, we decided to stay over in our Sg home for these two nights. (Missing our Jb home very much! Haha) Decided to make full use of time! Thankfully,  Ollie is very much a seasoned traveller, in terms of countries and in the car with us. I just cannot bear to leave Ollie with the inlaws or my Dad. I want to stick to Ollie! 

Did a site visit to the auditorium to prepare for this Sunday's Parent-Coach Conference. 

Went to several outlets and finally got the helmet for Laogong's Ironman (Penghu) in October. By then, I'm already quite tired. I need a sweet treat! 

Finally, finished up what we had to do and it's time for the BFFs to head to the zoo! Following the zoo, ice-cream and play time at our place. 

The Mamas and babies reunited with the hardworking Papas and we headed to ORTO's Aroy Jing Jing for dinner! Fun fun fun bbq-ing. Had to bath doubly long to rid the smell. Haha. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Everyday! 

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