Saturday, July 30, 2016

Evening @ Marine Cover

Laogong's 3D reservist is finally over! Family time! We headed to Marine Cove at 6.30pm. The weather was fine and the sun wasn't scorching. We wanted to let Ollie try to walk on the sand or simply just touch the sand but well, she didn't really like it (still). I'm sure things will get better!

Ollie refused to get down!

The playground was huge! Good in the sense that despite the huge crowd, there is ample of running space for every child. Another good thing is the different area for different age groups! 

We had wanted to head over to the airport for 4fingers but decided not to. I'm not sure about the crowd at the airport and since the restaurants at Marine Cove are not scarily packed, we decided to have dinner at Hill Street. Laogong and I were very tired after more than 1 hour of playing (watching over Ollie play).

And ... One sleep to Bangkok! Yay!

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