Friday, July 15, 2016

Wednesday's Playground Fun + Hep A Jab (13 Jul)

Laogong had some overseas students this month for morning lessons and thus, we were out in Sg early before Ollie's jab. While Laogong was at the pool, I took her to a playground nearby to play. Homeschooler vs kindy kids. The jiejies were very nice, told the boys not to go near meimei (Ollie) and let her have the small slides. As usual, to express her friendliness, she tried to go and hug all the jiejies. Haha.
When the kindy kids left the playground, she decided to have a nature lesson. Touched the tree. Picked up leaves. Feel the soil.
Time's up! Headed back to the pool to meet Laogong and off we went for Ollie's Hep A jab. It's an optional jab, but we decided to go ahead anyway. Long wait despite our appointment. Busy Ollie went around playing to while time away.
After the jab, she fell asleep in my arms while latching!
Ouch ouch jab but it's over!
No more jab for the next 6 months.

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