Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Day I Lost My Kelly In Paris

(the last photo with my Kelly) 

We met S and family on the first day for lunch and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. When it was about 5pm, we decided to head over to Hermes to pick up my bags. Said our goodbyes and arranged to meet the next day at Disneyland. 

Shopped at Hermes and constantly reminded ourselves to transfer everything into the huge Hello Kitty recyclable bag. We forgot. We left and Ollie wanted to be carried using  the tula. I left my Kelly in the stroller and used my jacket to cover the bag. We were too tired by then to remind ourselves to carry the Kelly instead. Really, we would actually never leave it just in the stroller even if it's using  the jacket to cover it. 

We started to stroll back. 

Stopped at Carrefour City supermarket to get some drinks. Laogong  went to pay and I stood with the stroller near the entrance and trolleys. Thief A came to get a trolley and knocked into me, and apologized. I ignored. After awhile, he came and ask me to take a photo of him and the fruits. Let my guard down. Turned around. Took his phone. Camera app wasn't turn on. (Accomplice Thief B and. C,  D must  have grabbed my bag then) He grabbed his phone back. My jacket was on the floor. My Kelly was gone. Screamed for laogong. Of course everything happened so quickly we didn't managed to get back my Kelly (inside with Ollie's Lv mini backpack, another mini pochette, money & cards, selfie camera, two phones and our passports!). 

Too stunned for words. Laogong  comforted me that it  was just material loss. Ollie and I are fine. Thinking back. I'm still stunned but totally thankful. It was just the bags and money and inconvenience. Our blessed lives are fine. No knife pointed at us. No shock. No fall (decade ago in Malacca, a snatch thief tried to grab my bag and I fell and had bodily aches for a week). That aside, a missing Kelly is of zero significance compared to the safety of Ollie and us. 

We made a police report. Contacted the embassy. All is fine. We are fine. Thank you fate. You created such a major situation on the first day of cny 大年初一, major 犯太岁 situation. The following  364 days will be as fabulous as ever. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Life is good. Life is blessed. Simply because we are safe. We will continue to enjoy Paris and shop on. And yes, we will definitely come back the next time. 

Side note: Of course I am upset I lost my first Kelly and Ollie's lv limited ed pack back and my limited edition mini pochette and everything  else (my selfie cam too!) but material thing can be earned back easily. 

I'm thankful we're all fine! 

So don't  worry everyone. I'm contactable via fb msger only or well, Jerry is very much  contactable. My Bro has also helped us with necessary contacts. See you all back in Sg / Msia / Social Media (haha)  soon!

Oh yes, sorry if I didn't help you to buy your things! I try k! 

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  1. I really like when people share their personal life over the blog as I believe it cherish the people and we can take out lot from that. Thank you for sharing it with us