Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, 12 December 2017.

This group of girls - the IG Babes.
The IG Babes because we knew each other from Instagram.
(The www is amazing, I got married to the best man whom I got to know from the www too, we knew each other from our blogs.)
Over the years, I got to know many people from the www too, FB, IG, Bloggers, etc.
Some came, stayed, left.
Some came and are still staying.
Whoever and whatever, thank you for coming into my life, staying and leaving.
Thank you for putting in effort to maintain a relationship, a precious commodity/good in life - friendship.

Sometimes, it is unbelievable how people form relationships and how sturdy / fragile relationships are. Ultimately, we are who we are because we are genuine (or we try our best to be true!). We try not to take people for granted and we try not to be self-entitled (which many people are!). At times, we appear snobbish (πŸ˜‚ simply because of the things we like and buy) but most of the time, people forgot (and fail/refuse to see) that we are what we are because we worked hard to be where we are. Give us credit la! πŸ’ͺ Even if we/I spend The Laogong's money, pls, The Laogong 很葌,ε₯½δΈε₯½!πŸ‘They work hard leh.
You still reading? Steady πŸ‘
And finally, back to today's dinner! πŸ˜‚ Ollie tagged along despite it being not too smooth a day with this girl. She was punished twice. And yes, corporal punishment is legal in my household because I am the mother. (Period.) I risked it to take her out because when I asked her, she still wanted to tag along. Haha. Lucky her. Got present (again)!
The initial part was the usual, "不要,don't want! Don't touch! Don't see!" Hiya. Whatever. The twist came after loading up on her carbo and sugar. I think the babes have yet to see such a 'high' Ollie. πŸ˜‚ Today, if not as high as last Friday, she was higher! Thanks to Steph's present of Santa Grandma, kept her entertained for quite a bit. And she asked for photos, posed for photos throughout the later part of the night.
The dinner was yummy and yeah, didn't know about the one-for-one using Entertainer app until Mermaid told us about it! We used two! Saved on 2 main courses πŸ‘
The gift exchange was hilarious. We had a list of exclusion items, haha, no cups, no frames, no food, etc. Still, we all managed to prepare something, although, I think we all exceeded budget. πŸ˜‚ I think we should just up the budget next year! Easier right! We took a couple of times to get the drawing of lots/names right. It was all good fun! 
I think, I usually don't write an entry with the IG Babes because we always have so many photos, (the max I can collage is 9 in a photo) but today, haha, since Mermaid already tagged us in all the photos, I decided to write a post. Also because... Today, we chatted and shared about so many fun and meaningful things, I felt a bit more emotional.
We all have many friends in our lives, and we all have experiences with many sorts. Whatever we come across, be positive, let go when we should, move on because we must. Life, is too beautiful and precious to waste on negative vibes and things. Life, is so wonderful.
And so I quote Meryl and Mermaid, "Thank for the priceless, beautiful and genuine friendship!" Totally applicable to all my friends and family πŸ˜
You are still reading?! Thank you leh! I you scrolled quite a bit or maybe you speed-read. Good job! πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚ θ°’谒😘
(Alright, both of them zzz, time for housework πŸ’ͺ ζˆ‘δΉŸεΎˆθ‘Œ!)

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