Monday, October 6, 2008


haha, for my 'gf' ... i sacrifice my exercise time for this ...

luckily back in nie i took translation course ... haha

sometimes pain made us grow stronger ... no matter it is the one time two times three times or four times ... everyone will think they are the victim and the one who suffered the most ... but deep down, everyone knows we ultimately want the best for the person ... we all have a choice ... to bear grudges and try all sorts of stuff or to clear up our moody skies and be happy abt small little things ... life gets better ... always ... forgiveness is the most difficult yet also the easiest ... letting go is also the hardest yet the easiest for a life of our on ...

作曲:jae chong 李玖哲
演唱:周笔畅 李玖哲
周笔畅 李玖哲-你好吗

温柔的时间 time of gentleness
抚平我们的亏欠 smooths out the grudges
过几天过几年 after a few days, after a few years
伤会好一点 the pain will recover (definitely - no wounds last forever)
多久没见面 having not met for so long
孩子气有没有变 any changes to the childishness
还记得我们从前 still remember the past
笑的那么甜 where smiles were so sweet
baby 我想起你你有了他 i thought of you, and you had another one
是否依然为了爱变的很傻 are you still foolish because of love
我想起你你有一个他 i thought of you, and you had another one
好久都没说的话你好吗 something i have not ask for a long time - how are you
温柔的缠绵 gentle sweet thoughts
我也放下了依恋 i let go off all unending love
我收着照片 i kept all photos
安静在盒子里面 placed them silently in a box
回忆是你我剩下 memories is all that's left
唯一的关联 the only connection
问候是我对你 greetings are what
好想说出的话 i want to tell you
现在你过的好吗 and now hope you are doing fine

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