Monday, October 6, 2008

TM is dangerous too!

did gate duty close to abt 7pm ... then marj and i went to meet black for dinner @ TM fish and co and man we gorge like hungry ghosts ... damn sleepy the entire day in sch during compo invigilation ... went for coffee after dinner ... of cos before that, went to denki cos marj wanted to get something, ended up - I BOUGHT SOMETHING AGAIN ...
it was totally love @ 1st sight ... heck the double A batteries ... heck the pixels and whatever ... i love pinky! i even got a matching pouch that jy gave me last time ... and so ... this shd be sung to Savage Garden's ... i knew i love you before i met you ... hahah ... i know the camera is broad / wide / fat / big ... but well, i simply adore it to the max!!!!! note that is it 10megapixel ok!

love love love!

(which means i shd just stay at home, i tot only taka is dangerous cos i tend to go lv and chanel ... but well, tm is equally bad!!!!!!)

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