Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 3 of Holidays (1/6): Wohooo ...

shall begin Day 3 with extending my date with edward :P
book 3!
wohooooooo ...
bck to sch from 10 - 1 for supp class with my kiddos ...
then having lunch with 2 grown up kiddos :P @ 1430 @ sakae (again!+)
think i will go back sch earlier to print the worksheets and also clear up table
and also bling up my netbook!
bought the stickers tdy!
and hols being hols ...
ambitious me will:
  1. meet all friends possible to catch up
  2. read as many books as i can
  3. watch as much drama as i can
  4. and so, other than the bookish dates with edward, i am going to watch 敲敲爱上你! i love 偶像剧! 哈哈哈哈 :P
this entire post is damn unrelated :P
anyway, saw the song on FB ...
time flies ...
i quite like this song at THAT time ...
the 4 heavenly kings are truly kings of all time!

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