Saturday, July 18, 2009

TGIF ... I'm Lovin' It!

it was the longest day ever since h1n1 caused more duties in sch ...
more than 9 hrs of teaching in sch ...
ok ... i know i had 5 free periods in the morning, but then ...
started teaching ... right from 1020 all the way till 1550!
afterwhich, cher, marj and i took turn to bath in sch,
we left sch and went straight to orchard!
anyway ... highlight of the day ...
girls nite out!
dinner @ Sun with Moon,
shopping @ isetan,
movie @ lido ...

i quite like this GIANT backpack ... haha ... but didnt buy ...
can carry to sch!
well, i got a bag fr CK though :P
thanks to cher, additional discount!
and ... bad influence i am ...
made marjie buy one also!
we have so many similar stuff!
oh ya, brought the babes to this choco shop in wheelock!
love the box of happiness :)


time for bed!
track and field from 0900 - 1200

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