Saturday, July 18, 2009


the giant big bag that i bought yester! love the metal tag attached to it!
(yes, so what if its a big plastic holey bag, well, i love it!)
dropped by Shell this morning to get petrol, my calcium intake (milk), papers ... and was attracted by this mag ... despite knowing that it is a male mag :P i had to get it! to see how the fb boy looks like! and i love the mag! so manly, they have johnnie walker's ad and some other liquor ads! wohoo!
picked the kiddos up fr sch and went to srjc for training ... sat always has smooth traffic!
after 90mins, it was finally over ...
athletics is making me very tired these two weeks!
finals on wed, finally!
after training, was driving the kiddos home when i felt really hungry :P
rem marj was having bfast with mom so i rang her and decided to join them @ parkway for lunch! lazy to go back change, so i bought a top and change @ parkway ... haha ...

shopped abit ... bought more wine to store @ home to drink with dad, and uncle and auntie ... came home like 1400 ... had a good shower, drank a bit, read papers a bit, read mag ... and i dozed off!!!!!!!! but ... this section caught my eye on CLEO ... see, now now now ... ALL OF YOU cannot scold me for buying the rubber slippers ... must support me like how jiaying support me :P hahaha ...

alrite, time for princess piglet to have her dinner!!!

did i mention the last time that Transformers OST is good? :)

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