Tuesday, August 11, 2009


(who is in taiwan!)
be safe!
bday celed @ villa bali on national day ...
with my beloved colleagues, 38s and devils!

(from page 6 onwards!)
had terrible fever yester .
forgot when was the last time i had a fever ...
yucks, the feeling sucks ...
and not say i drank a lot!
dad was like, "no hangover and u got sick? didn't drink enough?"
even my fav cj porrible did not help :(
fever finally went off @ 10ish last nite ...
this morning, wakey @ 5plus, no more fever but still fluish and coughing ...
decided not to go to sch ...
went to to doc ...
and had to wear a mask and sit in a separate room,
cos i had flu and cough ...
and when i was done, walked out of the clinic (still with my mask),
i saw my kid sitting outside the ?!
what the ... how come?!
came home, ate and took med, and slept ...
woke up ... surf net abit, clear edumails ... showered, ate, took med and is going to slep again!
must be well!
how can i fall sick every bday :(
kimmy was suggesting, instead of celebrating first 12 days, i shd start fr the 12th next time...

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