Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday 06 (26/11)

End of work week!
Check out my level chief table compared to mine!
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Added after detention class!
yes, and i mean it, detention class ...
most prob bcos out psle results were not that ideal ...
mad grapes made us stay for detention class!
only allowed us to go back at 1730?!
and to think that after i returned from track training,
i still had time to slack in staff room?!
totally BS ...
went home, showered and headed down to tpy to pass stuff to jy and to show face!
haven't seen her for the longest ever!
then headed to white rabbit for dinner ...
yummy usual!
heart foie gras!
and heart their mash!
decided to have dessert @ B&J ...
happy thanksgiving!

damn tired ... i caught a cold ...
already feeling slightly fluish @ white rabbit!
argh ...
better recover for pam's wedding!