Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm all ready!

I am all ready for school!
To a large extent, I am glad that I got my double English (for the 2 best classes) and so, I am all ready to stretch and maximise their potential.
For the numerous times that people sms/msn/bbm me, "Sian right? School tomorrow."
I am really not!
Only when there is a beginning then will there be an ending!

  • Completed my Stellar Worksheets

  • Inserted the dates for family mass into my organiser

And now, I shall ...
  • Get ready the timeable/printout for my form class (done)
  • Prepare welcome letter for my 2nd English class (done)
  • Prepare class record sheets (done)
  • Prepare name lists (done)
  • Prepare Catechism list ...
Well, that's all for the time being!

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