Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kyan's Birthday @ NSRCC

Happy Birthday, Kyan Baby!
Long day for me ...
Woke up at 0900 and met bb at about 1010 ...
Went to centrepoint to develop photographs and to collect the helium tank ...
Headed to Popular at Marine Parade to get some stuff as well ...
Headed to NSRCC ...
Blew the balloons (ok, I wasn't the one with my fear for balloons),
tied the streamers,
packed the party bags ...
By about 1 plus, bb and I were damn hungry!
Haha ... Waited for the food to arrive ...
Wait ... Why do I need to type so much when most people only look at the pictures!
And so, to cut the story short, the party was great, of course!

Got the photographs from Christal and Der's Actual Day!

After a long day, time to watch my new movie!
When I was in Hong Kong, I remembered watching this trailer at least thrice daily!
Am so glad papa got this movie for me.
Love the soundtrack too!

看你手舞足蹈 我卻發呆看你甜美微笑

你說我太過驕傲 不說也能感受彼此心跳

一張小紙條 一個小符號 問號驚嘆號都怕妳沒看到

親手做便當 口渴送飲料 要你把煩惱 通通都吃掉

聽不到我愛你 等不到你擁抱

我確知道 愛情來了

我和時間賽跑 記憶刻畫清楚永遠不老

你是我神的詩篇 憂傷也聆聽你的美好

每一個動作 每一分一秒

像拍紀錄片 我害怕沒看到

節錄你的心 今天天氣晴

要你把煩惱 通通都忘掉

聽不到我愛你 等不到你擁抱

我確知道 愛情來了


Time for bed!

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