Thursday, February 11, 2010


School was fine as usual.
Ended lessons with PE with my cuties.
Contact time was short too, ended by 1630.
P must be darn irritated with us that she commented we kept on talking.
Stayed in school to mark will 1730.
Went to pick cher up from school.
Went taka to find Wendy @ her work place and had dinner there.
Bought choc for my kids and friends.
Going to distribute them today (Thu)!
Went to 85 to have supper with my idol and her BGG and Jason.
Met Cindy there!
Another day gone.
I didn't even bring my school bag home. Haha.
Just got my keys and bb.
Shall sleep now!
Long day in school tomorrow!
I Love My BlackBerry!

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