Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WEDnesday is here!

Finally, a short day in school.
Left school at around 1330.
Wanted to lunch at Seafood International, but the time was too rushed.
Decided to settle at ClaypotFun.

And to curb my coffee craving, we had Old Town after lunch!
Went home, did some marking, watch half an episode of 就想赖着你while doing my stepper
and finally met them at 1800.
Hee, and I'm still receiving Xmas present!
From eve!
NICE! Love it! Hee ...
Shall do some marking and get to bed early.
WEDnesday tomorrow!
When Everyone's Delighted! (Over Contact Time?)
Haha ... Well, CT is bonding time!
Of course, everyone's delighted!
And yes ...
My crate will be arriving tomorrow!

For now, I shall finish of my Zibibo with Papa ...

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