Sunday, June 13, 2010

Advance Fathers' Day Dinner

June 13 - Holiday Day 17 - Happy Papa's Day!
Tiring day.
Didn't sleep well and woke up early as usual.
Didn't go for the Mizuno run.
Swam the usual at YCK pool in the morning.
Had lunch with dear dear.
Headed home to get lunch for papa.
Did my I-think-quite-impressive lesson plan for lesson observation on the first day of school.
Napped a bit.
I love my weekend naps.
Had our advance papa day dinner.
(I think I look super fat beside mummy)
Uncle and Auntie joined us after their drinks with papa.
I forgot what Korean drama or Taiwanese drama I was watching before I dozed off.
Haha, I even forgot was it last night before I dozed off or was it before my nap.
The guy was having their family dinner when commented about life.
No matter how much money one can earn and no matter how big the house one can buy.
It all boils down to then having the time to spend at the big house and having the time to spend the money.
Ultimately, regardless of the size of the house, one eventually only fall asleep on the one bed in the bedroom.
And if one has to fall asleep on the one bed in the one bedroom alone,
what is the point of earning so much money and staying in the big house.
YES. Money is important.
I know :)
Was thinking about this, because dear told me he is tired today.
But well, eventually he said he is not because the kids made him happy.
That's good.
I'm happy too.
Mummy is happy :)
Papa is happy :)
And I napped!
I rolled on my bed!
I am happy too!

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