Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14 - Holiday Day 18

Started the day with sweet news.
Hehe. Thank to Nicole-Ann.
She remembers!
Dear has a student that he teaches swimming and this boy has very sensitive skin.
The only product that really helps is the range from Boots pharmacy (BKK).
She actually remembers and bought it for him! Thanks gal!
And Nuch is visiting next week (as well as attending Darrell's wedding), so I got her to bring them too.
Nice people :) thanks ladies.
Went to Bt Batok today.
Ash is in a good mood!
Maybe cos she just saw me last week.
She didn't cry when she sees me!
And played with me when Cher and helper are not around.
And she is one smart girl!
Can point out from Chrissy's wedding dinner picture, where Cher was, where Jason was and where I was! Impressive!
After, had lunch @ Marine Parade with dear dear.
Yummy coffee and toast (super generous butter - I LOVE IT!) @ the hawker!
And later, going YCK pool with dear dear.
Shall bask in the sun and read my book now.

I Love My BlackBerry.
Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.

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