Monday, June 14, 2010

Hee. Surprise of the week.

Went Dempsey for Ben & Jerry after Grange's lesson.
After, headed to YCK pool for more lessons.
On the way there, dear drove into a slip road.
And stopped outside Goodwood.
And out came my surprise of the week.
Finished reading the book at YCK Pool.
It's a $21.19 (before 20% discount) book.
Well, congrats on the effort to the writer.
However, it is definitely not a book.
It's more like reading a blog.
Of course all these are in my own opinion.
She is not a writer.
It's really like publishing a blog.
And there are people with worse life out there.
It was a pain to read till the end.
And I mean it.
I literally flip through the last quarter of the book.
But like I said, good effort.
You may have your different take on the book :)
I Love My BlackBerry.
Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.


  1. ehh.. agree with you leh. The book hor, tsk tsk tsk.
    I read from the forum that her mom flushed down the baby?? Its like -__-? REally can like that meh?
    If she really wanna help.. can be a social worker lor..
    **dont shoot me!!** lol.