Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12 - Holiday Day 16 - PAY DAY!

Went out with dd and his bro (Rae).
On the way back, Rae wanted to drive Princess Piglet.
And so, dd turn from swimming instructor to driving instructor.
Harping on and on about manual car, biting point, clutch in and out, etc.
Hahahaha, I just cannot stop laughing!
When Rae was parking the car, he got down and waved furiously, so cute!
Hahahaha ... ...
And today is the 12th! Pay day!
Extremely advance birthday present for dd whose birthday is on July 14th.
Now he can take pictures underwater again!
And my super duper extremely advance birthday from Black!
Hahahahah :)
And no, for those who know, and is thinking,
I am definitely not celebrating 12 days like I usually do :)
Enough of 12 days of birthday (celebrations)

Meeting Colleen and her Jerry for breakfast @ SK Mac!
Shall head to bed soon!

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