Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF (ok, no difference for me) :p

June 10 - Holiday Day 15 - Parkway with Dear dear

Dear had no lessons in the morning due to his reservist briefing.
He came back to Bedok to nap till about 1400 and we made our way to Parkway for lunch.
Shopped at Borders and Giant.

After, had lessons at YCK as usual
Planned to have dinner at Sakaru (Buffet) and thus I swam like mad for 1 hour plus.
Super tired.
Overate (as usual) and I was feeling so bad.
As in sick, not guilty.
I didn't eat that much, of course slightly more than usual.
Was so sleepy and burped like 20 times after dinner.
Slept like by 2330.
June 11 - Holiday Day 15 - Parkway (again) and Marina Square with Kimmy

Shopped for clothes for Kyan, Andre, Ashlyn and Issac.
I like Chateau De Sable!
So nice.
So princey and princessy!
The packaging matches to the max!
The one I gave to Issac was in blue.
The staff put it in a box, blue ribbon and blue paper bag.
Kyan's one in a beige/grey paper bag with box and matching ribbon!
I like!
Heading out to meet Black at 5 for coffee!
Meeting Colleen and Jer for breakfast at Mac tomorrow!
One more complete week of holiday.
And the last one, will be half a week (with half of the week back to school)

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