Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love teaching (only)

Kids can be irritating.
Very irritating.
But I love them.
Because they are real.
Because despite being so irritating, they mean no harm.
Colleagues (not friends ok, I mean colleagues - people on my facebook are friends, people on my bbm/whatsapp/msn/2nd mobile sms line/yahoo are friends I super love) can be irritating. (I better start adding friends that are in school but not on my FB!)
And I mean super extremely despicably irritating.
But they shall not affect me :) just like what I told Chrissy, whatever you don't like is said at contact time, they are meaningless to us :) it should not affect us.
Life is definitely not about contact time.
Life is about my family.
Life is about my friends.
Life is about my kids.
Life is about happiness.
Whatever shit happening in school, should be just like the daily faeces that we pass out.
Take it (yes, we have to) and then leave it (just do it).
Only with such shit, then are we better able to appreciate what are the good things we have.
S. H. I. T.
So happy it's Thursday (tomorrow)

(Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.)
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