Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm back ...

Dear all,
Thank you for the messages and smses.
I'm fine.
I'm back.
Stronger and better.
Not that I've got over ah mah's passing, but I know life moves on.
Like what XL told me, we must move on.
Dear was very sweet. Brought me to batam for spa.
Swept the shelves for my Bali Kopi.
Had lunch @ Tian Tian with family.
Had dinner @ Simply Thai with dear's family.
Back to school fresh.
Start Aug fresh.
Dear finally got down to decorating his Swimming Equipment Container.
We love it.
Decorated it with Norin and Rae's help.

I'm back, dear friends, thank you.

(Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.)
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