Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last episode ...

Yet another fantastic weekend.
Wakey at 6ish and we went for breakfast.
Dear started his swimming lessons marathon and i did my laps.
Brought my netbook along.
Watched the last episode.
Watching drama always make me emo mama drama ...
And it always make me thankful I guess.
I do not have a mama drama life.
I have a good life and will be even better.
Things happened and are always happening.
Still, I am thankful for all that have happened and  are happening.
This is life isn't it?
No regrets over anything, because all things happen for a reason.
I LOVE MY FAMILY, DD, FRIENDS and of course, my Chanels! :p
Shall read my book.

And enjoy the rest of my weekend and of course,
everyday to come :)

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