Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weight-Gaining Week - CHIJ Version and PEF Version


After 4 days of marking and 3 days of good lunches (Old Town, HK Cafe @ Katong Village and HK Cafe @ ECP), we decided to end the marking days with a bang, haha, and we had lunch @ Jia Wei :p CHIJ's favourite restaurant. They had their favourite sharksfin soup, but no, I cannot bear to. Had their yummy crab and pumpkin soup. The day ended only at 4plus. OMG. But well, it's over!


Instead of the planned MOF dinner, we had our dinner @ Let's Sweet buffet ... not too bad for the price of $18.80 ++. Each of us paid about $22 for 80minutes of buffet. There is a timer set at 70minutes. When the timer rings, we'll have 10  more minutes to finish up.

Looking forward to Term 4 Week 7 ... Woohoo!

School holidays soon.
Dear dear promised me that he won't have Intensive Holiday Classes like he had in June!
YEAH! More time with him and I don't have to wake up early everyday!
We can sleep in, we can go to:
  • Zoo
  • Bird Park
  • Hort Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Sentosa
  • Toy Museum
  • Philatelic Museum
  • National Museum
  • and lots more!

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