Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breakfast Time

It's the annual lost of voice period.
With the past 7 years experience,
I decided to visit the doctor early.
And it seems better. (Instead of my usual cough for 3 mths).
The stiff neck decided to join Cough and Flu yesterday.
Thus, I've a wider variety of medicine for breakfast.

I've been blogging about yucky school for the entire 2011 and it's only beginning of March. But I'll survive and continue thriving, surviving on my irritatingly cute kiddos and friends. I'm not going to let the terrible workload, slow computer/network in school, yucky heads, million of admin task, and all those unrelated to teaching stuff get me down :)

Quick quick quick, tell me, "Recover soon"!
For I need to recover soon to fight the battle! Haha :)

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